Car Rental Services

All our cars are well serviced and provide along with experienced drive upon request.
We have full day / half day rental for our customer convenience.
Full day : 10 hours
Half day : 5 hours
Overtime Fees ( 1 hour ) : 10% of full day rate
Industry Zone ( 1 Zone) = 10,000 Ks
Thilawa Port : 15,000 Ks
Kyattan : 25,000 Ks
Renting for long trip with driver will include ( driver + fuel + gate fees ).
We also provide airport or hotel pick up service with very reasonable price.

Car Rental Service Rate

Yangon  Mandalay Inle Lake Bagan Naypyitaw Sittway & Mrauk Oo


NoRouteSaloonSuper CustomHi Ace 9 seaterHi Ace 14 seater /Alphard24 seater33 seater45 seater
2Half Day33404555657286
3Full Day55657085100115145
6Kyaikhtiyoe(one way)100130135185200240290
7Ngwe Saung (one way)120150170200240330370
8Pyay (one way)125150170185240330370
9Naypyitaw(one way)125200220240280350400
10Long Trip130180200220300350450


  1. Luggage one way is 20000 Kyats
  2. This rental rate may be charge according
  3. Payment must be settled one week after receiving the invoice from Mother Land Car Rental Service
  4. Full-day = 12 Hours  / Half-day = 6 Hours


NoRouteSaloonSuper CustomHi Ace 9 seaterHi Ace 14 seater /Alphard24 seater33 seater45 seater
1Transfer (Boat/Train)10131728343645
2Airport Transfer23293350657095
3Mandalay Half-Day253540708693114
4Mandalay Full Day365060104121131165
5Sagaing Full Day435566115134144182
6Airport Transfer + Mandalay Half day517080122143153195
7Airport Transfer + Mandalay Full Day557988133156166212
8Airport Transfer + Sagaing sightseeing4155648399106138
9Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin (Day Trip)708199180215230290
10Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin (Over Night)110135160295349374472
11Mandalay – Monywa – Shwe Bo (Day Trip)8198116200240255336
12Mandalay – Monywa – Shwe Bo (Over Night)124152182315374399518
13Mandalay – Bagan + Empty back to Mandalay152192209367437450552
14Mandalay – Kalaw + Empty back to Mandalay158193215387467480600
15Mandalay – Pindaya – Inle +Empty back to Mandalay182211236412502515660
16Transfer Shwe Kyat Yet13181942525568
17Extra Day435566115134144182

Inle Lake

NoRouteSaloonSuper CustomHi Ace 9 seater19 Seater29 Seater45 Seater
2HH – TG/ATY (T/F)405070120150190
3HH – KAL (S/s)405060100130170
4KLW – PDY (S/s)405060100130170
5NS – TG (T/F) Only25506010130170
6KLW-NS (S/s)405575120150200
7KLW – TG (S/s)507085140170220
8NS/HH – PDY (S/s)406075120150200
9HH-TG-NS (S/s)507085140170220
12NS/HH -PDY (S/S)406075120150200
13KLW – PDY -NS(S/s)557090130170200
15NS/HH – PDY -KLW557095130170220
16NS -KK-TG (S/S)557095130170220
17HH-KK-TG S/s -NS6580110150180240
18NS/HH – PDY -NS5575100150190250
19NS – KK – NS (S/s)5575100150190250
20NS/HH – PDY - TG6580110160200250
21KLW – Wait/Empty253040506075
22PDY – Wait/Empty253040507085
23NS-SN (T/F)101525455580


NoRouteSaloonSuper CustomHi Ace 9 SeaterHi Ace 14 Seater /Alphard24 Seater45 Seater
2Half Day202931495878
3Full Day3142528595125
4Bagan-Mt Popa456675125140190
8Bagan-Inlay Lake163195210365420570
106/7/8 + Mt Popa+11+11+11+15+15+20


NoRouteSaloon6  Seater7  Seater9  Seater15 Seater24 Seater45 Seater
1Naypyitaw Airport – Hotel Zone 12530354050100120
2Naypyitaw Airport – Hotel Zone 24045505560110130
3Naypyitaw Airport – Ministries Zone354045505590110
4Naypyitaw Half Day4050656575150150
5Naypyitaw Full Day75100120120140230250
6Naypyitaw to Yangon210310310250280--
7Naypyitaw to Mandalay180280290230260--
8Naypyitaw to Bagan180280290230260--
9Naypyitaw to Taunggyi / Inle Lake230330330270300--

Sittway & Mrauk Oo

NoRouteSaloon5  Seater7  Seater18  Seater24 Seater45 Seater
1Sittway Transfer91015203535
2Sittway Half Day Sightseeing2530356090100
3Sittway Full Day Sightseeing455570100160180
4Mrauk Oo Transfer61520253535
5Mrauk Oo Half Day1735506090100
6Mrauk Oo Full Day306580110160180
7Mrauk Oo – Mahamuni Image, Vesali358010090160180
8Sittway to Mrauk Oo270320320-370400
9Extra Day607070-150150

Type of Cars

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