Myanmar Guide

Passport: Required

Visa: Required
-Tourist Visas and business visas are issued at Myanmar Embassies and consulates worldwide.

Weather & Climate: Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate.
1. Hot Season - March to May with average temperature 30-35 C.
2. Rainy Season - June to September with average temperature 25- 30 C.
3. Cool Season - October to February with average temperature 20- 24 C. Cool season is the best time to visit Myanmar.

Local Time in Myanmar :
GMT + 6.5 Yangon 00700 hrs on Monday
GMT + 0 London 0030 hrs on Monday
GMT + 7 Bangkok 0730 hrs "
GMT + 8 Hong Kong 0830 hrs "
GMT + 10 Sydney 1030 hrs "

Airport Tax : US$ 10

Customs: At the port of entry all foreign currencies and cameras must be declared to a custom officer. Export of antiques and archaeological objects is prohibited.

Currency: Visitors are advised to change their foreign currencies only at authorized money changers in banks, airports and hotels.

Where to Stay: Visitors have a choice of accommodation from Budget Class Guest House to Deluxe Hotels. There are more than 600 hotels and guest houses all over the country. Room rates vary according to location, facilities, standard and service. Check the hotel listings available at Tourist information Desks.

Travel & Tour: Licensed travel agencies can arrange for travel and tours to the tourist destinations. Travel to certain areas in Myanmar is restricted. Contact the Tourist Information Desks for your updated information.

Entrance Fees: Entrance fees are collected at the famous pagodas, temples, monasteries, museums, old palaces and archaeological zones. Tickets offices are at the sites.

Tour Guide: Visitors are advised to avoid touts and use the services of licensed guides available at the licensed travel agencies.

Shopping: You are advised to buy gems, jewelleries and silverware at the authorized gem-shops where you will be given a voucher with a permit for Export. Visitors are required to ignore touts who may approach you for offering guide services, for exchanging foreign currency into local currency or for selling gems of a doubtful nature. The offer may appear to be attractive but you could get into trouble and spoil your visit.

Duty-Free Allowance: Duty-free allowance is two bottles of liquor, two cartons of cigarettes, 100 cigars and half a litre of perfume.

Health: No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless coming from or passing through an infected area.

Voltage: 220-230 Volts A.C

Telecommunication: IDD telephones and fax facilities are available in most hotels

Religion: Theravada Buddhism is the predominant, with 80% of the people embracing it. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are also practiced among the minority.

Language: Myanmar is mother tongue but English is widely understood.

Further Information: Visitors are welcome for more information about flight and train schedules, tours and travel services at down town Information Counter (252859), Yangon Airport (533154) or at the Branch Office in Mandalay (02-60356/ 60357), Bagan (061-65040) and Taunggyi (081-21611).

Four Domestic Airlines: named Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways, Air Bagan and Myanmar Airways are operating domestic air route.* Some privileges of M.T.T :: M.T.T is able to do as an authorized travel agency and should an international tourist and foreign traveller are desirous to make a tour in the restricted area, MTT can arrange the tour after getting prior permission from the authority concerned.

  1. * Golden Owl can take full responsibility while conducting the tour.
  2. * In case a tourist wish to discuss and submit their ideas and points of view to the respective authorized persons, Golden Owl is able to arrange the meeting.
  3. * Our tour tariff is more attractive compared to other travel agency.
  4. * Golden Owl can provide prompt emergency assistance should it be needed.
  5. * Golden Owl can give full guarantee to the satisfaction of our clients because our branch offices are situated in main tourist destinations and border check points as well.

General Information

Trips To Myanmar

The Information provided below will help you prepare for the trip. Myanmar requires a visa for all foreigners visiting the country. It is valid for 28 days starting from the day you enter the country, Three months from the date of issue. Visitor can obtain a visa from Myanmar Embassies in the various countries. The international points of entry and exit Myanmar are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport. Show your passport (with valid entry visa) and disembarkation card on arrival to the Immigration officer at the International Airport (Yangon or Mandalay). A valid passport with Entry visa is required for all tourists & businessmen, applicable at any Myanmar Embassies and Consulate General Offices abroad.

Travel Tips

Types of Entry Visas

(1) Individual visa : Valid Passport with Entry Visa is required for all visitors to Myanmar. Visa can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy or Consulate abroad.

(2) Package Tour visa : The Package Tour Visa needs the recommendation letter from the local tour operator at the time of visa applicaton. Visa fees is about US$ 20 in local currency.

(3) Visa on Arrival Clients who do not have time to apply for visa in their own country, we can arrange Visa on Arrival. We need the copy of client's passport with photo and personal details page, arrival day and flight to Yangon one month prior to the arrival day. Please bring 2 passport size photos with you.

Visa Extension and Overstay

A two-week Tourist Visa extension is available in country. The overstay fine is USD-3 per day. A Business Visa, extendible up to 12 months on a case by case basis.

Exchange and Currency

Foreigners are recommended to bring US Dollars into Myanmar because who can exchange directly picture into Kyat. Euros may also be exchanged into FEC at authorised money changer. Please be warned that torn, dirty and stained notes might not be able to accepted. Myanmar currency is known as "Kyat" which comprises 100 pyas. For the convenience of the visitors, Foreign Exchange Certificates (FECs) are issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar to use during their stay. FECs are acceptable like US dollars by any person in the Union of Myanmar. It is printed on the note as 1FEC = 1USD.


All foreign currencies ( above US$ 2000 ), jewelleries, electrical goods and cameras must be declared to the Customs at the airport. Exports of antiques and archaeologically valuable items are prohibited. picture Only gems, jewelleries and silverware purchased at the authorized shops are allowed to be taken out. For visitors' convenience, there are Duty-Free Shops in the airport arrival and departure lounges. Duty free allowance are 2 Liters of liquor, 2 cartons of cigarettes, 100 cigars, 1.5 lb of tobacco, one pint bottle of perfume. Our GSM system does not allow "International Roaming" so your phone does not work in our country. If you bring a mobile phone, custom will keep it and issue a voucher to you. You have to claim it back on your departure. Laptop computer can be brought in freely for your own use.

Airport Departure Tax

Any passengers departing Myanmar on international flights will need to pay a departure tax US$ 10.00 per person. Departure tax is not charged for domestic flights.

Post and Telecommunication

Postal service in Myanmar to date is unreliable; letters and postcards to overseas sometimes do not picture reach their destinations. Mobile phones from other countries will not work in Myanmar. Most hotels have IDD lines, but charges are quite expensive. E-mail and internet are available in Myanmar. It can be used at a hotel or internet café in most of the tourist spots of our country.

Gratuities & Tipping

Myanmar's are genuinely happy to help foreign visitors don't expect anything to return. But if your guide picture or other person during your trip was especially kind or helpful a gratuity would be a generous gesture and greatly appreciated.


Myanmar has 220-240 volts A.C. It is advisable to have torchlight in the hand baggage as power cuts picture frequently occur throughout the country. Most of the hotels have their own generators. Please travel with required protection for your electrical items.


The entire country is picture 6:30 hours ahead of GMT; (UTC) 0:30 minutes behind Thailand 1:30 hours behind Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Business hours

Banks open at 09:30 till 14:00, Monday through Friday. Government offices open at 09:00 till picture 16:30 Monday through Friday. Most private offices open at 09:30 till 17:00, Monday through Friday and 09:30 till 12:00 on Saturday. Most shops are open every day. An exception in Bogyoke Market (Scott Market) which is closed on Monday.


Nowadays the number of super markets and departmental stores are rising, so its very convienent for any tourists to shop around. The stores have a variety of daily consumer products and other picture useful products. You can buy the best gems and jewellery in a good and reasonable price from authorised dealers and be sure to get a receipt which must be shown at Customs checkpoint at the airport. And also very famous Myanma Lacquer ware, woodcarvings, silverware, tapestries, textiles, paintings, brassware, silk, Shan shoulder bag and etc. are must buy favorite items in Myanmar. You cannot take back antiques. Better to avoid buying old-looking Buddha images even if they were made a week ago, as the Custom Office may not allow its export.

Health & Insurance

All travelers should visit their personal physician 4-8 weeks before your trip. There are several hospitals and clinics in Yangon, some of which are under the Ministry of Health and some are privately picture owned. The Pun Hlaing International Hospital is the first international hospital in Myanmar. As such it is only in developing stage for insurance of travelling and travellers. Travellers are advised to purchase insurance that will provide medical-evacuation coverage. Insurance will be available upon request. Such an insurance should absolutely cover the cost of an evacuation flight out of Myanmar (most of the time to Bangkok or Singapore) which is sometimes necessary either on a regular flight or on a special flight. For adventure tours, such as cycling, proof of purchase of a travel insurance policy will be required.

Comfort and Care

Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are a must. Don't forget to bring medication you would normally picture use in emergencies, such as antibiotics etc. Most medicines are available but may not the brand you normally use. Drink only pre-boiled water such as green tea or bottle water of reputable brands. Better to avoid ice cubes in the street. Avoid eating shellfish in hot weather, if you are not actually on the beach.


In Myanmar, there are many reasonable restaurants. The food in Myanmar is a bit limited. In the picture most tourist spots of Myanmar, Chinese food, Indian food and Myanmar traditional food are available. In Yangon and Mandalay, Japanese food, Korean food and European cuisine are also available. Myanmar traditional food will consist streamed rice, curry, salads and soup.

What to Wear

› Light, casual cotton wear because of hot weather
› A cardigan or light jerkin, when visiting northern Myanmar in the cold season
› An umbrella during the rainy season
› Sandals or slippers
› Quick drying clothes are recommended if you visit during the rainy season or Thingyan
› The dress code for pagodas and monasteries prescribe decent apparel, no footwear is allowed when visiting pagodas and monasteries.

What to Bring

› Insect repellent
› Sun Block, sunglasses, hat, umbrella
› Personal Medical Kit

Cancellation Policy

In Myanmar, the cancellation policy of most hotels have twenty-one (21) days notice for groups and seven (7) days notice for individual travellers. And some have strict cancellation and deposit policies especially apply for bookings of River cruises and beach hotels.

Dos and Don'ts in Myanmar

Typical Character

» Friendly, helpful, honest, but proud.
» Treat everyone with respect and you will be respected.


» When addressing people, don't leave out U ( which stands for Mr ) or Daw ( which stands for Ms/Mrs ).
» Speak slowly and clearly.


» Not always necessary to shake hands.
» Don't hug or kiss in public.
» Don't touch any adult on the head.
» Don't step over any part of a person, as it is considered rude.
» Accept or give things with your right hand.
» In Myanmar, unlike the Indian continent, nodding means YES, and shaking head means NO.


» For hygiene reasons, eat only in decent restaurants. When not available, always eat heated food.
» Don't eat food purchased from street vendors.
» Don't drink tap water.
» Drink only bottled water and soft drinks that haven't been opened yet.
» Let the oldest be served first.
» Chinese food is common and suggested.
» Myanmar food are often complained as 'oily'.
» To try good Myanmar food, go to decent restaurants in Yangon area, where they cook Myanmar food
according to international standards.


» When buying gems, sculptures, or any expensive souvenir, make sure it comes with an export permit.
» Buy arts from authorized dealers only and get a certified receipt.


» Don't leave expensive items in your room. Use safe deposit box.
» Beware of cheats, swindlers, imposters.


» Stay away from narcotic drugs.
» Carry some medicines for diarrhea.
» If sick, don't worry. All doctors are English literate.
» Health insurance is not available.


» Accept that facilities may not be the best.
» On trains, keep windows shut.
» Speed or distance descriptions are in miles, not kilometers.
» Carry toilet paper in your bag.


» Most Myanmar do not wear shoes in their homes. Take off when visiting.

Moving About

» Don't jay walk. Watch where you walk and what you step on.
» If driving, city speed limit is 30 mph. Drive on the right side.


» At religious places, remove footwear, but to remove headwear is not necessary.
» Avoid shouting or laughing.
» Avoid being a nuisance when taking photographs.
» Treat Buddha images with respect.
» Tuck away your feet. Don't point it toward the pagoda or a monk.
» Don't play loud music in these areas. Note that Buddhist monks are not allowed to listen to music.
» Do not put Buddha statues or images on the floor or somewhere inappropriate.
» Don't touch sacred objects with disrespect. Hold them in your right-hand, or with both hands.
» Leave a donation when possible.
» Show respect to monks, nuns, and novices ( even if they are children ).
» Don't offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.
» Sit lower than a monk and elders.
» Don't offer food to a monk, nun, or a novice after noon time.
» A woman should not touch a monk.

International Flights

Yangon has direct air-links with Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Beijing, Guongzhou, Kunming, picture Calcutta (Kolkata), Kualalumpur and Hanoi. The following airlines currently fly into Myanmar : Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, Myanmar Airways International, Malaysia Airline, Silk Air, Air China Internatonal, China Eastern, Mandarin Airlines, Indian Airlines, Yunan Airline and Vietnam Airline.

Domestic Transportation

There is reliable private airlines such as Air Mandalay, Air Bagan, Myanmar Airways and Asian Wings picture for domestic sectors in Myanmar. Baggage allowance on domestic flights limited to 20 kg.